Funeral Chaplain

A collection of resources for funerals and memorial services

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Welcome to

About us is an online collection of prayers, scriptures, meditations, and readings suitable for a variety of funerals, memorial services and gravesides.  Whether you've lost a loved one or you're being asked to perform a service, I pray that this website is a valuable resource to you.  As a pastor who serves as funeral chaplain for a local funeral home, I offer this material in hopes that it  will help you put together a memorable service that comforts a grieving family as they walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

For Pastors and Spiritual Leaders

Whether this is your very first funeral or your 100th funeral, you are given a sacred responsibility when you are asked to walk alongside a grieving family and perform a funeral or memorial service.  You truly represent Christ when you share tears with a family and help them journey through the stages of grief.  You will have a unique opportunity to give God thanks for the gift of life, and to honor the life of one who has passed away.  No degree of education can fully prepare us for this important task and hopefully the resources on this site will help you make each service sacred and unique.

For Grieving Families

Let me offer my condolences for your loss.  As you go through the days ahead, let me encourage you to find comfort in the Word of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit at work in your life.  Many families find it beneficial to connect with their pastor or another spiritual leader for direction at this time.  While I encourage you to find a minister to help you put together a funeral or memorial service, some families choose to have a member of the family officiate the services.  May the resources on this site bring you comfort and help you plan a service that honors your loved one and brings peace to your family.



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